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Dogs……Truly Man’s Best Friend

! Love My Dog(s) November '06 Mosaic

! Love My Dog(s) November ’06 Mosaic (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)



I have written previously how I currently have two dogs.  To me they are so much more than pets, they are true members of the family.  No where else can I find the unconditional love they give me everyday.  Each day when I come home from work after a long day they are so excited to see me. No matter how long or terrible my day at work might be, I know when I come home the dogs will be waiting for me with all the love I can handle. They don’t ask for much except to be fed, be  let out on command and to be petted and loved at least for a little bit each day.


My dogs know when I am sick. They are always extra good and want nothing more to be by my side. When I am upset they can sense it.  Any time I cry, they are right there to lend kisses always.  How can one keep crying with a dog giving them kisses?  I do admit to spoiling the dogs like crazy.  Right now they are all I have and I depend on their love as much as they depend on mine.  They could be considered my best friends.  I spend more time with them than anyone else. I am a firm believer that a dog not only enriches your life, but can also extend it. I am proud to be a dog lover!



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