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Being Alone ….Takes Planning

I have written in previous posts that I live alone.  This is not by choice but it is where I am in life. My kids will be home next month from college for the summer. Normally be alone is no big deal, just very lonely at time.  This week, however I had to have foot surgery.  The surgery went well and now I am just waiting on the biopsy results. I have to be off my feet for at least a week. I will be working from home.

Preparing to come home after surgery to nothing but my two loving dogs takes quite a bit of planning.  I cannot leave the house and I need everything in order to get by for the week. I started out my planning by making sure that me and the dogs would have plenty of food for the week. I did an extensive grocery shopping last weekend. My daughter will be home this weekend and can pick up any groceries I might have forgotten or will be needing. I also had to plan meals for myself since I am not allowed to be up for more than 5 minutes at a time.  I decided to make two of my favorite meals to eat during my recuperation. I cooked up two kinds of fish tilapia and basa. My daughter and I absolutely love fish. I also made my favorite chicken Marsala. This way when it is time to eat all I have to do is heat them in the microwave. I had to make sure I also had plenty of dog food and treats on hand. The dogs are going through the treats like water so I think my daughter will end up having to buy some more. I readily admit I spoil the dogs like crazy.

I also had to make sure the house was cleaned and the laundry done. My daughter will be doing my laundry this weekend. When the kids come home for the weekend I am sure the house will be a mess. They bring enough stuff for two days to make it look like they are staying for a week! I had the foresight to get the medicine I will be needing for after surgery before the surgery. Once I was dropped off yesterday I am home-bound and on my own.

Getting everything work related ready to work from home was a challenging task. I had to make sure I didn’t forget any of my paperwork at the office. I am now relying only on email to do my job. Since I am the only one at my work that does my job it is hard to be away for long. I am a quality accountant and it really needs to be a one person job. I must have total control of all testing and results. No steel is allowed to be shipped out of the three plants I control without my OK. Within an hour after coming home from the surgery center yesterday, I was already doing work from home. For me working is a form of therapy. It requires total concentration and no mistakes are allowed. People’s lives are depending on me to get my job right. I am looking forward to working at home with my dogs and in my pajamas.

Many of the things I have had to plan would not be necessary if I did not live alone. It just goes to show that although some might think it is easier to be alone it is not always the case.


2 thoughts on “Being Alone ….Takes Planning

  1. Hello, I hope you are recovering nicely :). You are obviously very organized and well prepared to have all of these things taken care of so well for yourself ahead of your surgery! Even though you are spending the week recovering I hope you enjoy your time working from home in your pj’s! Sounds like you have a very important job and the break may be nice for you.

    On a side not, I liked your post about Mothering coming full circle. My Mom lived with me until she passed in Feb of 2012. I had the privilege to take care of her when she got sick in her final year with us. She was 80. She was actually taking care of us right until she no longer could. When it was my turn to help her, I felt it to be a great blessing to finally be able to give back the caring and love that she had always given to us…… I too thought about this circle. Take Care!!

    • Thank you for the compliments and well wishes. I am new to blogging and I am glad I have been able to connect with others who can relate to my experiences. I write as a form of therapy in hopes others might like to read my blog and enjoy my thoughts and simple way of life. Thanks for following.

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