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When You Love Your Work..


Cargill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many people who do not enjoy going to work each day….luckily I am not one of them. I have a job that I love in the best company in the world. I work at the largest privately owned corporation in the world, Cargill Inc.  Cargill covers many industries across the globe. My job falls under the metals division. My company takes steel coils and cuts them to customer specified lengths.

My job title is quality accountant. Any high strength steel leaving one of the three facilities I control has to be certified that it meets the standards for which it is sold.  When a bridge falls or machinery fails, I am the person they would come looking for to sue. My name is on every certification and I take great pride in my work. My job can be very tedious and stressful. I have challenging deadlines to meet and accuracy is always a must. I am the only person who does my particular job. There needs to be one person who controls the testing results.

I have loved numbers and working with them for as long as I can remember. Daily I analyze data from the testing facilities to determine if the results fall within the required limits. I then enter the testing data on all tags being shipped out. Finally I certify the steel and enable it to be shipped to customers. While many people I work with consider my job boring, I love the fact that I am dealing with numbers all day. Doing something that I love makes my day go by so much faster.

I also love the fact that the people I work with are more like family than co-workers. There are eight woman in my department and we all get along beautifully. We share our personal lives with each other and have been known to spend time outside of work with each other. When my husband died two years ago, my entire department was at the funeral services from start to finish. We have gone to each others weddings and other family gatherings. Now I know many people work in offices where they are friends with their co-workers. What makes us special is the way we come together when any one of us is in need of help. When any of us is overwhelmed with work, we know there is always someone who can help lighten the load.

As many of you know, I had surgery this week. I will be off work for a week but I will be working at home. My company gives me the flexibility to work at home when needed. I am also going to be having another surgery next month and will be working at home for 6 weeks or more afterward. I love the fact that I am able to do my job and keep up with my work even from home.  What could be better than doing what you love from the privacy of your own home and getting paid for it at the same time?


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