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Finding Inner Peace…..

Being a practicing catholic requires that I go to mass weekly. Most times the sermon is good but not something I can readily relate to. Today was different as the sermon revolved around finding inner peace. The priest used the example that he finds inner peace while eating a layered chocolate cake topped with raspberries.

Inner peace is different for everyone. Finding what can truly make you feel at peace with yourself and with your life is not an easy task.  For me feeling at peace involves many different things all working together to give me happiness. By far the most important thing that helps bring me inner peace is the knowledge that my close family is all healthy. Health to me is as valuable as gold. You can have all the money in the world yet if you become sick you cannot buy your way to health. Many very rich people have died from cancer because their money could not cure them. Having buried my husband at an all too early age (only 49), I live by the rule that life is a gift not a given and should be cherished always.

Another component necessary for my inner peace involves contentment of my place in life. This in itself is complicated. I have said before that I love my job and this plays a big part in my contentment. Knowing that I am doing what I love and that I am appreciated at my work makes me feel good.  The happiness of my family is another part of my being content. Knowing that my daughter and son-in-law are happily married and content with their life brings me a peaceful feeling. I also need to be content with where I am in my personal life. This right now is a work in progress. I am single and live alone. This is not by choice. I have been looking for a lifetime partner for a while now and have yet to meet the right person.  I know the perfect mate is out there if I am patient. I cannot let the pain and suffering of the past stop me from finding my soulmate.

The final component to me for inner peace is dealing with the pain, hurt and suffering of the past. I have to come to terms with the death of my husband and the pain involved with watching someone you love get sick and ultimately die before your eyes. I feel I am at the end of my journey on dealing with his death. Being able to talk about my experiences both through blogging and in person has helped me come to terms with what happened.  One is not free to feel true inner peace if there are unresolved issues in their life. This contradicts what inner peace is all about.

I may not be totally at a place of inner peace yet.  I still have some issues to resolve. I am a work in progress and never claimed to be anything different. I know that one day when I least expect it, I will realize I have reached true inner peace.



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