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Working From Home…

Today my boss called me and told me I will be allowed to work from home until I can be released from my surgeries. (One of which I haven’t even had yet) Many of you might think big deal.  Well it is a big deal for me.  I need to keep bringing home a paycheck and since I will not be able to drive for the near future working at home seems the only answer.

I get all my work sent to me by email. I try to make sure I am up and ready to work when everyone is coming into the office. My daughter fixed my printer while she was home this weekend. It has made working from home so much easier. Today was very busy for me as there was a large amount of steel sent out for testing and some of it needed rushing. I think I put in my normal eight hours today if not more. I did not finish my work today until 8pm. I don’t mind because I was at home and in my pajamas doing what I love.

I feel I am blessed to have a good job working for a great company.  My company understands my predicament and is willing to work with me as long as I am willing to work. I know many companies probably accommodate sick or hurt workers, but I am sure glad mine is doing it for me.  I love my job and working from home will only make me love it more.


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