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Baseball…..A Sign of Spring

English: Chicago Cubs logo

English: Chicago Cubs logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like baseball and the fact that baseball means warmer weather and spring.(At least sometimes) I am a Chicago Cubs fan, although I keep up with how they are doing I do not get to see many games.

My love of baseball comes in the form of watching people I know play a game they love. I have 10-year-old twin nephews that play baseball in my city. They absolutely love it when their aunt and cousin come out to watch them play and cheer them on.  I love seeing the boys trying their best to make us proud of them.

My daughter played softball for four years. She was a pretty good pitcher by the time she quit. In my area it was hard to find a team for anyone over 12 that did not involve traveling. She decided she would stop playing and misses it at times.  We enjoy going to see the nephews play because they are not playing for money or fame but for the true love of the game.  The fact that we can take the dogs when we watch them is also a plus.

I also enjoy watching men over 40 play baseball. I feel if they are still playing at this time in their life they are true lovers of baseball. In my opinion many of the younger guys that play do it more to have a way to get with friends and an excuse to go drinking afterward.  I want to watch men who are truly in love with the game. I like to see they are still competitive and really enjoy the game. I might not know everything about baseball and all the rules, but I love to sit in the stands and cheer for guys who like baseball enough to dedicate part of their summer to it.

I am looking for an over 40 team to follow in my area.  I can’t wait for the season to start.  Play ball….


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