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My Daughter…..The Graduate!

Vincennes University

Vincennes University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here is a picture of my daughter today on her graduation day. She graduated from Vincennes University with dual Associate degrees in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. I have talked about her on my blog before and I just wanted my friends to see who I am talking about.  I am very proud of her today and always. She will be the topic of a post I plan to do later in the week. The four and a half hour drive to see her graduate was well worth it. Her father and husband couldn’t be here to see her graduate but I was there along with her grandmother and two of her aunts. My daughter is truly growing up!


6 thoughts on “My Daughter…..The Graduate!

    • Thanks so much. I had to let everyone here see what she looks like. I talk about her often and at least for me it helps if I can picture a person. She has come a long way and excelled! Now all she wants to do is come home for the summer. She will be home Wednesday and she can’t wait. She misses her dog so much!

    • Thanks! She wants to come home and start baking! She will be getting an apartment at school next semester while her husband finishes his degree. She is so excited she can take all her wedding gifts and bake and cook in her own place. She has a good head on her shoulders and I know she will do well. She loves getting your recipes.

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