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A Few Good Men

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about men being “Shallow Hals”. When I wrote it I was trying to vent about how frustrating it is that so many men are just taking looks into consideration and not the total package. I was very negative in that post and made it seem like there are no good guys out there. This post hurt someone I care about and for that I am truly sorry. Let me explain my story.

There is a guy that I have been talking to for over 6 months that is truly a gem. He has all of the qualifications I had listed in my previous post. He is not drawn to a person based on looks but rather by what is in the person’s heart and soul. He likes me for the true person I am inside and out. He doesn’t care that I might only be a 5 or 6 on the outside because when he adds the beauty he sees inside me I become a 9.  I have never mentioned him before because I have never met him face to face and was waiting until I did so to tell everyone about him. We are currently separated by many miles and this is very hard on both of us. We have been talking almost daily on the computer and have become very close.

When I said I do not want a long distance relationship, I meant it. This does not mean that I am giving up on him though. I know that one day in the near future he will fix it so that we are not apart. I am willing to wait for that day. When you find someone who is special  you need to hold on to them. I know some of the wording in my “Shallow Hal” post might have come off like an add for dating. This was not my intention at all. I was trying to express how hard it is to find a good man. I know they are out there but they are few and far between.

I am not on this blog to find a man. I am here to meet with people who can relate to my life and what I am going through being a widow. Living alone it is good to get my feelings and thoughts out and sharing with others. It is also much cheaper than therapy!

I know there are good men out there. My “Sexy Amorous Man” is just one example.


2 thoughts on “A Few Good Men

  1. I felt I needed to clarify that there are good men out there and I actually know a few. I did not mean the post to come off like I was looking for guys but I guess it came off that way. I hope this post will set things straight. Only time will tell.

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