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A Summer of Camping…

I am finally in the full swing of camping. After being released after my surgery, I am more than ready to get going.  I went camping twice last month. The second weekend of the month I went to my favorite place the Indiana Dunes. The weather was perfect with highs right around 80 degrees. I had no trouble hooking up the camper or driving to the campground. Setting the campsite up went really well. My sister-in-law also had a site and was camping. We went to the European market Saturday so I could get some hot soft pretzels and cheese. The rest of the day I was able to relax. I had my computer so I was checking email and keeping an eye on the blogging and Facebook world. I also got back into one of my favorite past times, reading. It was nice to just sit back and relax and enjoy the park.

Labor Day weekend I drove to Turkey Run State Park and camped with my kids. They absolutely loved getting to see their dog. They cannot have her for another year and they miss her so. It was great getting to see them and spend time with them. I miss them very much since they moved away. The weather was very hot and even though my camper has A/C it could not keep up. The kids went hiking Saturday and Sunday mornings. The pictures they took were beautiful and I am happy they enjoyed it. I spent the entire weekend trying to relax. I was not able to get internet the entire weekend so that kind of upset me. Cell phone service was also unpredictable. I was planning on getting some work done as well as checking email, Facebook and the blogging world. I need the internet which is why I bought a hotspot. Not being able to get any work done over the long weekend really hurt me for the short work week. The weather did cool off Sunday and we were able to enjoy ourselves more. The long ride home made me thankful I only travel once a year to camp.

The last weekend of this month I will be going camping alone. I am both looking forward to this and dreading it at the same time. I know I can hook-up, haul and park the camper with no problem. I can even set it up by myself even though it wears me out. I will have the dogs with me and I will have internet. I just hope the weather is not too hot. Camping is in my blood and I love it.  I have already tentatively planned out the camping season for next year. When I was growing up I never would have believed that I would love camping, or as some call it glamping. I have everything I need in a beautiful place. My camper has A/C, a toilet, refrigerator, microwave, couches and I have a king size bed just like at home! What more could a woman ask for?  Except maybe a man to share it with but that is another story. Have a great fall everyone!!  🙂



3 thoughts on “A Summer of Camping…

  1. I used to love going camping as a child, but haven’t been in so long. I think now it might be a different story. This makes me want to go to Indiana Dunes now 🙂 I especially want to visit the European market. We have about 4 Asian markets, but no European markets. I’ve never actually heard of one, so that’s why I really want to visit 🙂

    I’m glad you are recovering well from surgery and are enjoying camping again 🙂

  2. I would highly recommend the Indiana Dunes especially if you like hiking in a beautiful woods setting or enjoying a day at the beach, I love the European market and it does run through the last weekend in October. It has something for everyone in my opinion. I love the hot soft pretzels with cheese and there is a vendor that has out of this world homemade jams and jellies. There are all types of bakery products as well as beautiful artwork and crafts. I think it would be worth the drive. It is nice to be released from the doctors and able to enjoy life to the fullest again. 🙂

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