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A Great Weekend

This last weekend was a great one for me. It is the first time since my kids moved out that they came home to visit.

Their dog was beside herself with happiness at having them home. When I tell her that mom and dad are coming home I swear she knows what I am saying. When they came home she gave them so much love it was funny watching her go from one to the other to give kisses. I actually got to spend two nights without her in my bed, it was heaven. She stayed out in the living room with her parents.

Food plays a major part when my kids come home. They both love to eat. The first night home we had Richway Gyros. It is my daughter’s favorite and she can’t get gyros where they live. Saturday I made them fried chicken. They both love it and since they don’t have a deep fryer they wanted me to make some.  Sunday for lunch I made us all a big breakfast. We had eggs, hashbrowns and bacon. I was going to make steak for dinner Sunday, but since we ate breakfast after noon they were not hungry yet before they left. I gave them the steaks to take home and enjoy.

My daughter has always loved going grocery shopping with me and things haven’t changed. We took a trip to Aldi and Walmart and bought enough to feed a small army. I tried to stock the kids up on some of their favorite things that they can’t find where they live. They ended up taking a small cooler, two insulated bags and a half dozen or so bags of food with them.

Their small suv was packed to the roof when they left. They took their tent with them because they are going camping next weekend.  I do not envy them having to carry all the stuff up to their third floor apartment. I probably won’t see them again until Thanksgiving. I take comfort in the fact that they live in a nice place and are doing well on their own. They are enjoying starting their new life together. They gave me a great weekend and I am happy! 🙂



5 thoughts on “A Great Weekend

    • As much as I miss them, I am glad they are out on their own. Their have set up their apartment in a cozy and welcoming way. Before I know it they will be home again at Thanksgiving. 🙂

  1. Hello! I miss reading your posts I am so glad that I finally found the time to get on her and look you up! It made me smile and feel warm and fuzzy… my mom would always buy us all our favorites too and make sure her family had food… not matter how old we were! You are a great momma! I go to Aldis’ to shop to when I get a chance. You can’t beat their prices on some items! So good to see you and your family are doing well!

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