Freedom Never Felt So Good!

Today is the first day of spring I was able to get outside and go for a walk. I waited all winter for the weather to get warmer. Finally when the weather decided to cooperate, I had to have foot surgery. I have been cooped up in the house for three weeks allowed to do nothing but look out the window at others enjoying spring.

Last week I was told that this week I could resume going for walks. I think my husband was looking out for me from heaven because he sent perfect weather my way. Today it was a sunny 72 degrees with a nice breeze off the lake.

After working at home all day, I decided to take both dogs for a walk. This was our first walk in the nice weather. We walked 2  1/2 miles around a park right by my house. The sunset on my blog was taken from the park last summer. Today was beautiful. People were out walking and bike riding and even skate boarding. The park was full of kids practicing baseball and softball in anticipation of the season starting this weekend. A few fisherman were out trying to get a jump on the season.  There was even a guy wind surfing on the lake.  The ducks, geese and seagulls were all out and enjoying the nice weather.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 82 and sunny. I am going into the office tomorrow and then coming home and cutting the grass. After this is done I will be walking the dogs again. I can’t wait to get out and enjoy nature at its best. I plan on spending every day this summer possible in the park getting exercise and enjoying my nightly sunsets that I have missed so much. The only thing that could make it better is if I had someone to share it with. Maybe one day……..