A Busy Week….Summer Fun

Last weekend was the famous Whiting, Indiana Pierogi Fest. It is a time when hundreds of thousands of people come to my city for food and fun. The Fest runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday night is the crazy Pierogi Fest polka parade. Only entries that are over the top and crazy are allowed. We have Mr. Pierogi and the pierogiettes as well as the babuska brigade and the precision lawnmower drill team. There is a site on Facebook if you look up Pierogi Fest 2013 that has some incredible pictures of what I am talking about.

Friday night I went to the parade with my kids. Even though they are over 20 they loved the parade for the silliness factor alone. We then went to the actual Fest. My daughter fell in love with deep-fried alligator nuggets. My boy had to try a bunch of Pierogi of course, he only like the meat filled variety. I had some noodles and cabbage just like grandma used to make. My daughter bought a yard of chocolate covered strawberries and was in heaven. The lemonade shake-ups were perfect. I bought a steak sandwich with grilled onions and cheese and ate it for breakfast on Saturday! Anything goes Pierogi Fest weekend.

I went back to the fest with my daughter Saturday and met my sister-in-law. We once again pigged out on good food. Saturday night we had alligator nuggets, potato pancakes, noodles and cabbage, steak sandwiches, a hot fudge sundae (my daughter), a foot long bacon wrapped hot dog with cheese, and of course more pierogi! Don’t worry we did not eat all the food there, we took some home.

Sunday I went back with the kids to stock up on the goodies. We ended up with steak sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, shish-ka-bobs, cabbage and noodles, potato pancakes, another foot long deep-fried bacon wrapped hot dog with cheese, an apple dumpling with ice cream and of course more pierogi. There was over 75 food vendors and when you think that Taste of Chicago doesn’t even have 40 it is saying something. There are also arts and craft vendors. I bought four Pierogi Fest t-shirts. My boy got a budda shaped candle and a super hero mask. I also bought the kids a flaming rock to go in their new apartment.

Tuesday was my birthday and after work I went out to eat with my mom and kids. We went to a buffet because my kids are picky eaters. They found tons of food they liked and I think we all overate. Now coming up Saturday, I am taking the kids to the county fair for more food. The kids are moving away in 8 days and I will definitely have to be dieting and exercising to work off all this food. They still haven’t started packing yet, so this should be an interesting next few days. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as I am.


Summer Fun

I had some fun in June, but it looks like July and August really hold all the excitement. I like the 4th of July. This year my city is having their fireworks on the lakefront on the 3rd. My family will take our chairs and sit on the grass at the park and watch the show. On the fourth my city, Whiting, Indiana has a parade at 10am. We haven’t missed a parade since my daughter was born. The rest of the day we spend relaxing and BBQing.

Friday July 12th will be my first camping trip with my new camper. I am getting so excited about finally getting to go. We have been buying stuff for the camper for weeks now. To be able to spend the weekend at the Dunes in my camper doing what I want is a dream come true. I hope this will just be the start of a fun camping season.

Our city has a Festival of the Lakes a couple blocks from my house. There is a nice carnival and live big name entertainment. This year I want to go see Smokey Robinson and LL Cool J. The food vendors are to die for and the entertainment is free!!! At the end of July my city hosts a Pierogi Fest that always draws a huge crowd. It is three days full of a crazy parade, arts and craft booths and tons of food. I do not have to cook the entire time. They close off a six block stretch of main street and it is one big party.

In early August it is county fair time. The kids love to ride the rides and play the games. I personally go for the food. They have things there I can only get once a year. We make an entire day of it. The second weekend in August my kids will be moving out. They have a one bedroom apartment in Vincennes where my boy will finish out his last year of school.

This will be a busy summer for sure. I look forward to the adventures and only wish I had someone to share them with….maybe next year…