My Vacation

I can’t believe I have been home from my vacation for two weeks already. It ended up being a good time for all. The cabin was great and we will be going again next year. Not having someone to share the beauty and romantic nature of the area, was the only downside. I am hoping to have that special someone with me next year.

The homecoming carnival was good although way smaller than what we have at home. The kids went on some rides and played some games. The food at the carnival was great. My daughter and I shared a half dozen ears of fresh roasted corn on the cob. We also loved the BBQ sandwiches. We found a booth that was selling homemade taffy and ended up buying four boxes before we left. I listened to some country music at the homecoming. Once again my southern hillbilly roots became apparent. I guess I am just a down home girl at heart.

I did get to see some cousins at the family reunion that I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager. A couple of cousins were even in from Arizona. I have a cousin who only lives an hour away from me. We found out we get along real well and hope to get together more often. Some of the family is getting on in years and not doing so well. My kids and I have decided to try and go the same time every year. Family is very important to us and what could be better than a relaxing week in a cabin in the woods.


What a Great Three Days!

Sunday was a day we had been planning for over six months. It was the day we were leaving on our annual vacation to Southern Illinois to see my mom’s side of the family. This year we are making it a true vacation and staying for an entire week. Last year we rented a two bedroom cabin in the woods and loved it so much we decided to do it again. Since I am still recovery from surgery, a vacation like this is perfect. We can do as much or as little as we want. We ended up packing two five passenger SUV’s to the top with supplies. We have both dogs with us which makes this truly a family affair. Between the two dog cages, dog beds, dog food and of course treats there was a lot to pack. Our cabin has a full kitchen so we are saving money by cooking our own meals. I will be working this week while here, so the computers and printer had to come along.

We didn’t get here until around 6pm Sunday. The drive down took us just under 6 hours with stopping to eat and let the dogs out. I have come to realize that is my maximum limit in a car at one time. I have said before that I hate riding in a car even if I am driving and the ride down proved it. We dropped my mom off at her sister’s house and ate dinner there Sunday night. We unpacked both cars at the cabin and headed straight to Walmart to get food for the week. By the time we got back from Walmart it was almost 10pm and all I wanted to do was put everything away and go to bed.

I got up Monday and had to start working. Even though I bought a new hotspot so we can have internet out here, not everything is going smoothly. For some reason my work email is not working at all. Luckily my personal one is fine so I am using that instead. The internet here is slow but hey we are in a cabin in the middle of the woods! Monday evening we went to my aunt’s house to wash some clothes and see my mom and aunt and uncle. While we were out, we took a ride to visit my other aunt who lives a few blocks away. While there I got to see some cousins I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. One of my cousins lives in a Chicago suburb a little over an hour away from me, but I still don’t see her very often.

Today we had to go to Vincennes for my boy to go to the dentist. While there we decided to start looking for apartments for the kids for August. As luck would have it, the kids fell in love with the second apartment we looked at. The people who own the apartment are an elderly couple and their son’s family. They take great care in screening their tenants so I feel at ease with them living there. The apartment is really beautiful. It is a one bedroom with a huge closet you could put a twin bed in and still have room. Their bathroom is bigger than mine at home! The apartment has window air conditioners so my daughter should have no problem with the heat. The only drawback is that the apartment is on the third floor. My kids are young and in good shape so this shouldn’t be a problem. We are so relieved to have this apartment hunting behind us. Living over four hours away makes it hard to look at units.

After driving most of the day, I took a nap when we got back just after 6pm. When I got up I made spaghetti (for me and my daughter) and hamburger helper (for my boy) for dinner. My daughter made brownies and lemon bars tonight. The kitchen is cleaned ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow starts the four-day town homecoming. There will be a carnival with rides, food, games and country music entertainment. It is supposed to be over 90 degrees tomorrow with heat indexes of over 100. We will go to check it out, but we won’t be staying long. We will be going every night so there is no rush to do everything. Friday is our family reunion. The family is huge and it will be nice to see so many relatives I haven’t seen in years. We have decided that we will make this week our annual vacation. This way do we not only get to see the family, but enjoy the homecoming as well.

Time to go to bed because I have to work tomorrow. I will post again after the reunion and let everyone know what is going on. For now I will just enjoy being in a cabin in the woods….