Doctor Waiting Room Hell

As luck would have it, this was a week of doctor’s for me.  This is not how it was originally planned.  I try not to make more than one doctor appointment in a week because I work long hours and I schedule my appointments after work whenever possible.  I had three doctor appointments scheduled and every one of them called to say they needed to be re-scheduled for one reason or another.  This is how I ended up with three doctor’s appointments three days in a row. It was either do it this way or have to wait an even longer time to be seen.

Monday it was time for my 6 month check up at the dentist.  I originally had a 4:30 appointment scheduled which was fine because I can usually get off work by 4pm with no problem.  When I had to reschedule this in late January, I was told if I need a 4:30 I would have to wait until late April.  Since I didn’t want to wait that long, I settled for a 3pm appointment.  Now this means I have to leave work over an hour early.  I wasn’t happy, but I said I can do this for one day.  I left work early and arrived over 5 minutes ahead of my appointment time. That is where the waiting began. I ended up sitting in the waiting room until 3:30pm. I could have stayed at work for an extra half hour! Once I was called into the room, I did get my x-rays taken and teeth cleaned without further delay. Now I was told I would have to wait for the dentist to come look at my mouth.  I ended up waiting another 10-15 minutes for the dentist. Once he came in he checked my mouth and of course he found a cavity. In the over hour and a half I spent at the dentist, I only actually saw the dentist for maybe four minutes!  To top it off, now I have to go back to get my cavity filled!

Tuesday it was time for my annual eye exam.  This appointment was at 4:30, so it didn’t affect my work at all. Now I know from previous experience that the whole eye exam will take at least an hour and a half from start to finish.  This is not so bad because the wait time involved is never more than five minutes from exam to exam.  My eyes had changed so I had to pick out new glasses.  Nothing they showed me impressed me more than the frames I already have, so I told them to order me the same frames. Why should I mess with a good thing!  After an hour and a half  of exams and more than a few hundred dollars in payment, I was done with the eye doctor for another year.   Just think, I have insurance I can’t imagine what people without insurance have to pay.

Wednesday dawned the day of my yearly gynecology exam. I don’t dread the exam itself half as much as I dread the wait.  My appointment was for 5:40pm. This would be no problem at all for work.  I arrived at my appointment over 5 minutes ahead of time. This is where my true hell began. The waiting room was totally packed and I did good to find a seat. I know there could be many reasons why a gynecologist could be running late, but every single time! I did not even get called into a room until 6:50pm. For anyone who can do math, this is a full 70 minutes late and I wasn’t even seeing the doctor yet!  I saw the doctor long enough to get an exam and be told I need to go see a specialist.  It was at least 7:15 when I left his office. By this time all I wanted to do was go home and drop.

Now today I had to make an appointment with the specialist.  I was on the phone on hold for almost a half hour only to be told that they were busy and would have to call me back to make my appointment.  I finally did get a call back about an hour later. I only have to wait four weeks for my appointment.  Of course it is right in the middle of the work day, but I had to take what I could get. I can’t wait to see how long this appointment will end up taking.  I told my boss I hope to be gone only two hours for the appointment.  I have a feeling I am being too optimistic, but we will see what happens.  Stay tuned….