Has It Really Been Three Weeks?

I knew it had been a while since I wrote a post, but I didn’t realize it has been three weeks! My life seems to be going in fast forward in some areas and slow motion in others. Is it just me or do weekends seem to fly by twice as fast as weekends?

I had a very enjoyable 4th of July with my family. On the 3rd my kids and I went to the park to watch a fireworks display. It was nothing short of amazing! On the 4th my daughter and I went to watch the city’s annual parade. Since she is moving soon, she wanted to make sure she didn’t miss it. After the parade we rested in the afternoon. I BBQ’d ribs, corn and burgers for our dinner. Once it got dark, we shot off the fireworks I had bought. I also went out and shot my handguns. I figure it is the only day of the year I can get away with it. I think the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.

I went back to work on the 8th of the month. The first week was a little difficult sitting for so long, but I think my body decided it was finally time to heal. It has been hard getting up for work, but I love being back in the office. I missed my co-workers so much. My first week back it was time for my yearly evaluation. Luckily it went well and I am back in the groove of things. I think my dogs are having a hard time adjusting to me being back at work. They are so excited when I finally come home. I have to go check on my mom everyday after work to make sure she is taking her medications and doing ok. This causes me to get home later, but I would have it no other way. She took care of me when I was young and now it is my turn to take care of her now that she is getting old.

July 12th was our first camping trip. I cannot describe how amazing it was. Having my own camper made it so much fun. My daughter and the dogs came with me and we had a great time. The dogs were leery of the camper at first, but they soon made themselves at home. We went to the European market on Saturday and bought tons of food. We ended up with a dozen cookies, 6 cupcakes, 6 pretzels, cheese popcorn, blackberry jam, dog treats, Italian ice and of course lemonade. I can’t wait to go again next month. We kept the weekend restful and just enjoyed being outdoors at the campground. The weather was perfect not too hot and not too cold. The camper has almost all of the amenities of home. I think we loved the toilet and the air conditioning the best. I have already bought a huge tower fan for the camper for next time. I am still learning what I need as I go but it is sure a fun adventure.

This weekend is a very special time of year for us. (And not just because my birthday is next week! LOL) Friday the 26th starts our annual Pierogi Fest. The city closes down main street and has a big party. On Friday there is a super crazy and funny parade at 7pm. There are over 70 food vendors at this event. FYI Taste of Chicago has only half as many. There will also be over 30 arts and craft vendors. There are so many foods I am looking forward to like steak sandwiches, potato pancakes, bacon wrapped cheddar hot dogs, elephant ears, alligator, lemonade shakeups and of course pierogi. It is a time when people come back to town and you get to see so many long-lost friends. This might be my kids last year for the festival since they are moving. I want to make sure they have a great time and eat like pigs.

Well this is an update of what is going on with me. I will try not to wait so long to post again. My kids are moving out for good on August 9th. We have so much packing to do. I will try to write again and let everyone know how the festival went. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Mine is OK only it would be better if I had some one to share it with. Maybe someday….


Summer Fun

I had some fun in June, but it looks like July and August really hold all the excitement. I like the 4th of July. This year my city is having their fireworks on the lakefront on the 3rd. My family will take our chairs and sit on the grass at the park and watch the show. On the fourth my city, Whiting, Indiana has a parade at 10am. We haven’t missed a parade since my daughter was born. The rest of the day we spend relaxing and BBQing.

Friday July 12th will be my first camping trip with my new camper. I am getting so excited about finally getting to go. We have been buying stuff for the camper for weeks now. To be able to spend the weekend at the Dunes in my camper doing what I want is a dream come true. I hope this will just be the start of a fun camping season.

Our city has a Festival of the Lakes a couple blocks from my house. There is a nice carnival and live big name entertainment. This year I want to go see Smokey Robinson and LL Cool J. The food vendors are to die for and the entertainment is free!!! At the end of July my city hosts a Pierogi Fest that always draws a huge crowd. It is three days full of a crazy parade, arts and craft booths and tons of food. I do not have to cook the entire time. They close off a six block stretch of main street and it is one big party.

In early August it is county fair time. The kids love to ride the rides and play the games. I personally go for the food. They have things there I can only get once a year. We make an entire day of it. The second weekend in August my kids will be moving out. They have a one bedroom apartment in Vincennes where my boy will finish out his last year of school.

This will be a busy summer for sure. I look forward to the adventures and only wish I had someone to share them with….maybe next year…

My Health and Work Update

As most of you know, I have had two surgeries since the first of April. My first on my foot was a complete success. I went to the doctor on June 20th and was told I am doing great and can be released. My foot has healed beautifully and give me no problem at all.

My second surgery was much more complicated. If all was well my surgery was to take 3 to 4 hours, mine ended up taking 8 hours. My doctor is the best in the country for this type of surgery. He did what he needed to do and now said I am fixed. The healing process for this surgery is going to take some time. I also went to this doctor on the 20th. He said I am doing well but since there was complications, the one month healing time-table will have to be extended. I have essentially been working from home since April 3rd. I will be able to go back to work on July 8th. I am looking forward to going back. Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home. It is the people I miss so dearly. My co-workers and boss are being very supportive. I usually go in to work two times a week to trade paperwork and check on things. We are going to get even busier soon, so it will be nice to get back to the office.

The one thing I miss most with these surgeries is bike riding. Before winter I was riding my bike a minimum of 15 miles daily. I have been told I can walk so for the last week I have been walking daily weather permitting. Walking does get me out, but there is nothing like the feel of the wind in my hair as I bike ride around the park. I hope to be able to bike ride before the weather turns cold, but I will not be pushing it. At this point my healing is far more important.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers. They are truly appreciated. I hope everyone has a great summer!

My Vacation

I can’t believe I have been home from my vacation for two weeks already. It ended up being a good time for all. The cabin was great and we will be going again next year. Not having someone to share the beauty and romantic nature of the area, was the only downside. I am hoping to have that special someone with me next year.

The homecoming carnival was good although way smaller than what we have at home. The kids went on some rides and played some games. The food at the carnival was great. My daughter and I shared a half dozen ears of fresh roasted corn on the cob. We also loved the BBQ sandwiches. We found a booth that was selling homemade taffy and ended up buying four boxes before we left. I listened to some country music at the homecoming. Once again my southern hillbilly roots became apparent. I guess I am just a down home girl at heart.

I did get to see some cousins at the family reunion that I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager. A couple of cousins were even in from Arizona. I have a cousin who only lives an hour away from me. We found out we get along real well and hope to get together more often. Some of the family is getting on in years and not doing so well. My kids and I have decided to try and go the same time every year. Family is very important to us and what could be better than a relaxing week in a cabin in the woods.

What a Great Three Days!

Sunday was a day we had been planning for over six months. It was the day we were leaving on our annual vacation to Southern Illinois to see my mom’s side of the family. This year we are making it a true vacation and staying for an entire week. Last year we rented a two bedroom cabin in the woods and loved it so much we decided to do it again. Since I am still recovery from surgery, a vacation like this is perfect. We can do as much or as little as we want. We ended up packing two five passenger SUV’s to the top with supplies. We have both dogs with us which makes this truly a family affair. Between the two dog cages, dog beds, dog food and of course treats there was a lot to pack. Our cabin has a full kitchen so we are saving money by cooking our own meals. I will be working this week while here, so the computers and printer had to come along.

We didn’t get here until around 6pm Sunday. The drive down took us just under 6 hours with stopping to eat and let the dogs out. I have come to realize that is my maximum limit in a car at one time. I have said before that I hate riding in a car even if I am driving and the ride down proved it. We dropped my mom off at her sister’s house and ate dinner there Sunday night. We unpacked both cars at the cabin and headed straight to Walmart to get food for the week. By the time we got back from Walmart it was almost 10pm and all I wanted to do was put everything away and go to bed.

I got up Monday and had to start working. Even though I bought a new hotspot so we can have internet out here, not everything is going smoothly. For some reason my work email is not working at all. Luckily my personal one is fine so I am using that instead. The internet here is slow but hey we are in a cabin in the middle of the woods! Monday evening we went to my aunt’s house to wash some clothes and see my mom and aunt and uncle. While we were out, we took a ride to visit my other aunt who lives a few blocks away. While there I got to see some cousins I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. One of my cousins lives in a Chicago suburb a little over an hour away from me, but I still don’t see her very often.

Today we had to go to Vincennes for my boy to go to the dentist. While there we decided to start looking for apartments for the kids for August. As luck would have it, the kids fell in love with the second apartment we looked at. The people who own the apartment are an elderly couple and their son’s family. They take great care in screening their tenants so I feel at ease with them living there. The apartment is really beautiful. It is a one bedroom with a huge closet you could put a twin bed in and still have room. Their bathroom is bigger than mine at home! The apartment has window air conditioners so my daughter should have no problem with the heat. The only drawback is that the apartment is on the third floor. My kids are young and in good shape so this shouldn’t be a problem. We are so relieved to have this apartment hunting behind us. Living over four hours away makes it hard to look at units.

After driving most of the day, I took a nap when we got back just after 6pm. When I got up I made spaghetti (for me and my daughter) and hamburger helper (for my boy) for dinner. My daughter made brownies and lemon bars tonight. The kitchen is cleaned ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow starts the four-day town homecoming. There will be a carnival with rides, food, games and country music entertainment. It is supposed to be over 90 degrees tomorrow with heat indexes of over 100. We will go to check it out, but we won’t be staying long. We will be going every night so there is no rush to do everything. Friday is our family reunion. The family is huge and it will be nice to see so many relatives I haven’t seen in years. We have decided that we will make this week our annual vacation. This way do we not only get to see the family, but enjoy the homecoming as well.

Time to go to bed because I have to work tomorrow. I will post again after the reunion and let everyone know what is going on. For now I will just enjoy being in a cabin in the woods….

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today my family grew. My daughter got married and I gained a son. It sure doesn’t seem like a year since that great day. So many things have happened to us in the past year. Today, however, is a day to celebrate the one year anniversary of my kids marriage.

They did get married young only 20 and 19, but they are showing signs of maturity. Their marriage is happy and their commitment to one another is very strong.  I am proud of my kids because they both believe that a marriage is meant to last forever. They have promised to work daily to see that their marriage remains strong and loving.

My kids are living with me for the last time before they move out in August for my son to finish college. They will be moving back to Vincennes for a year and then after that they will move to whatever college my boy decides to attend to finish his college career. Since he is going all the way to his doctorate, this will take many years. I will miss them when they leave, but I am truly enjoying them now. Especially since I am home on medical leave and doing my work from home.

In one week we will be going on a family vacation. We are driving five hours to visit my mother’s side of the family. We will be staying in a cabin in the woods. We are looking forward to the leisure time and getting to see the family. I am blessed to have two great kids.  I plan on enjoying every minute with them I can.


What a Crazy Three Weeks!

My daughter came home from college on May 1st and my life has been crazy ever since. All her stuff literally took over my dining room. I didn’t know one girl could have so much stuff. She was barely home when my computer crashed. I never realized how much I depend on my computer until I didn’t have one for over a week. Trying to work at home was bad enough, there was no way for me to do anything social on my work computer. I guess I am much more attached to my computer than I thought.

By the time my computer got fixed my boy was home with all of his stuff. Luckily he does not have much stuff or I would have had to move out! It took us over a week to go through all my daughter’s things and sort them out. We took some stuff to grandma’s house to be stored and the rest we put in the basement. I also wanted to set up my camper once before my surgery to put some stuff in it and let some of the family see it. Everyone was impressed by how good I parked the camper and set it up without too much effort.  I need to be able to handle things by myself so I do not know what the big deal was all about. Above all I do not want to wreck my camper or my SUV, so for me it was a no-brainer, be careful!

I barely got my house and affairs in order when it was time for my surgery. On May 21 I checked in to the University of Chicago at 6am. My surgery was supposed to last between 3 and 4 hours unless there were complications. I was in surgery for a total of 8 hours! The doctor said there were plenty of complications but that now I am all fixed. I am going to have a long recovery time. For the next month I can lift nothing heavier than 10 pounds and I am to rest as much as possible. I will be working from home once again which is fine with me. My dog sprained her back leg a few days before my surgery and cannot get up on the couch or bed by herself. My kids have to pick her up every time we move from room to room. Both dogs know something is wrong with me and my dog has not left my side since I got home.  I hate the feeling of having to depend on someone for almost everything. My daughter has really stepped up and taken over my care. My medicine schedule alone is enough to set your head spinning.

I have not been keeping up with my fellow bloggers since the beginning of the month. I plan on starting where I left off and catch up on everything.  I know some of my friends here have been posting regularly and look forward to catching up. Please do not be offended if I am commenting on an old post, it is new to me. I want to thank all my friends for their prayers and well wishes. I look forward to a full recovery and can’t wait to get back in the swing of things.  I am taking one day at a time and I have faith that in the end it will all turn out OK.